TSO/ISPF course.

Duration:           1 day

Description:     This course introduces the student to the concepts of the IBM Time Sharing Option (TSO) and Interactive System Productivity Facility/Program Development Facility products, available for use in an IBM z/OS environment. It describes how TSO is used as an interactive online system, and the commands available for use while in the TSO environment. It then describes the basic function of ISPF, it’s functions and facilities, screens. Through the use of Lab workshops, the student is taught how to create both Partitions and Sequential data sets, and how they can be edited using standard ISPF facilities and commands.

Upon completion, a student should be able to:

  • Logon to TSO and invoke ISPF
  • Execute basic TSO commands
  • Describe the functions of ISPF.
  • Identify the facilities available from the ISPF Primary Option Menu and how to use the major facilities.
  • Access datasets through the ISPF BROWSE and EDIT facilities.
  • Use ISPF EDIT primary and line commands to edit datasets.
  • Use the LIBRARY, DATASET, ALLOCATE DATASET, MOVE/COPY, DSNAME list and Compare utilities.
  • Access the ISPF TSO command processor facility.

Audience:        Operations, Production or Programming staff with little or limited knowledge of the TSO environment.

Prerequisites:   None