EMAX Pty. Ltd. offers the following standard courses:

z/OS JES2 Operators

A 5 day course for new and inexperienced operations staff, covering Mainframe Computing, z/OS concepts and commands, JES2 (or JES3) Concepts and Commands, Introduction to networking, TSO and ISPF/PDF, SDSF, Emergency and Security.


A 2 day course for staff inexperienced in the use of  TSO and ISPF/PDF. This course covers: TSO concepts and commands, ISPF panels, creating data sets, Editing data sets.

JCL and Utilities

A 5 day course  that operations and application staff  using JCL will find invaluable.  This course covers all the JCL statements, JCL procedures, the SET and INCLUDE statements and the common IBM utilities.

REXX Concepts and Commands

This 5 day course is aimed at operations support and applications staff with a desire to learn how to program using IBM's REXX programming language. This course covers REXX Keyword instructions and Built-in functions, the External Data Queue, simple and compound variables,  TSO/E functions and commands, Procedures and user written functions, and REXX in Batch.

ISPF/Dialog Management Services

A 5 day course for operations support and applications staff wishing to use ISPF dialog and panel services.  This course covers Panel definition, defining Messages, ISPF Tables, File Tailoring routines (skeletons),  general services,  and executing REXX/ISPF applications in batch.