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" Training your Specialist Data centre Staff is a job for a Specialist!"

EMAX Pty. Ltd.

EMAX Pty. Ltd. provides specialist on-site training for all of your Data Centre staff:


Operations Analysts


Production Controllers

As mainframe data centres meet the challenges of the new millennium, it is becoming increasingly important for data centre staff to have the skills to cope with the rapidly changing mainframe environment.

Since 1986, EMAX Pty. Ltd. has specialised in the training of computer operators, schedulers, production controllers, operations analysts and other professional staff working in IBM Mainframe sites.

The philosophy of EMAX Pty. Ltd. is to provide basic training in a format that inexperienced staff can understand and technical and advanced training that experienced staff can use to build on existing knowledge.

Our approach to education is to provide personal training in a relaxed classroom environment, and to enhance the classroom work with hands-on experience using appropriate examples and exercises.

Courses may be tailored for a site's hardware and software environment, and are preferably run with exercises on the client's own machine.

EMAX Pty. Ltd. specialises in computer operations education for the IBM MVS, OS/390 and z/OS mainframe system environments. Courses have been developed and run for MVS, JES2, JES3, TSO, ISPF, JCL, REXX, ISPF/DMS, DFSMS, DFHSM, OMCS and general operations management and procedures. Each course is designed to provide a theoretical background that is built upon by solid technical detail.

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